Traditional Registry

We have a small registry at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. You can access it here.

Alternative Registries

In addition to a traditional registry, we've created a charity registry. Instead of asking for traditional wedding gifts, we're asking you to make donations to some of our favorite charities:

Serengeti Foundation

They fund the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where elephants are allowed to live in freedom. As opposed to most elephant-owning companies in Asia, Elephant Nature Park does not allow its elephants to be ridden or mistreated. They are allowed to stay in family groups as they would in the wild. Donations provide food, medications, and other supplies for the elephants. In fact, for Christmas 2013, Preston sponsored an elephant named Faa Mai on Lynne's behalf for one year. For details on Elephant Nature Park, go to

World Vision, Inc.

They are a Christian organization devoted to helping stop poverty in disadvantaged countries. Children in these countries are sponsored for the long term by donors around the world. As of the wedding, Lynne will have been sponsoring a young Dominican girl for over nine years. World Vision also accepts one-time donations for various countries in need or after disasters. For example, one could buy a goat, some clothes, or school supplies for an impoverished child. Note that the organization is Christian-run, but helps families regardless of their religious faiths. For details, go to

Destiny Rescue, Inc.

Every 26 seconds around the world, a child is sold into sexual slavery for the first time. Volunteers for Destiny Rescue go into brothels in Thailand, Cambodia, India, Burma, and Laos, take girls and boys who are underage, and bring them into homes and care for them. The children receive counseling, friendship, food, medical care, schooling, and in some cases, career training. Also, in order to prevent these problems before they happen, Destiny Rescue provides educational programs for families in high-risk communities. As of the wedding, Lynne and Preston will have been sponsoring two Thai girls living in a rescue home for about three years. Note that the organization is Christian-run, but helps children regardless of their religious faiths. For details, go to

Donate on Our Behalf

You can make a donation to any or all of these charities at any amount here.

Thank you! We're sure that your generosity will be appreciated by those in need.

Pictured background: Hawaii, 2009; Preston's graduation present.