The Wedding Party

The people on this page are awesome! Read on to see our wedding party's bios and photos. To all you in the wedding party, cheers; we couldn't have pulled this off without you!

Bride's Party

Lauren McAllisterMaid of Honor. When Lauren, Lynne's younger sister, was a toddler, Lynne taught her how to sing the ABCs, tie her shoes, and use the potty. Now Lauren's the smart one! After graduating a year early from Cal State Northridge with a degree in psychology, she completed her law program at Pepperdine (where she got a full ride) in May of 2014. Lauren recently discovered that she passed the California Bar exam, making her official title "Lauren McAllister, Esq." She currently works in Santa Monica at a family law firm.

Alex Roles-WilliamsBridesmaid. Lynne and Alex spent a few years working for a Calabasas-based debt collection company and became friends while complaining to each other about the company. She is nearly done with her bachelor's degree in business, and just got a new job at AT&T, where she can work from home. In October 2013, Alex and her husband Jake had their first child, a beautiful baby girl named Samantha, who will be the flower girl. The growing family lives in Glendale.

Kamery KingsleyBridesmaid. Kamery and Lynne met in a Palmdale church at the beginning of the third grade. Growing up, they were always there to give each other advice, talk about boys, and get in trouble. Kamery was even there during the infamous house flood of 2001, when Lynne's house was completely destroyed by a category five thunderstorm, and it was then that they took their first sips of alcohol together to keep warm. Kamery and her husband Ryan had their first daughter in March, and currently live in Maryland.

Beth LeishmanBridesmaid. Lynne started the seventh grade after just having moved to a new town where she knew no one. Beth was one of her very first friends from that new school. She was the silly, sweet, and extremely clumsy girl. It was a common occurrence to see her on crutches or wearing a wrist splint, and she always had a good attitude and a hilarious story that went along with it. Beth lives in Idaho and is nearly done with her bachelor's degree in music and her single-subject teaching credential. In the future, she plans to teach music to high school students.

Groom's Party

Johann StinkeBest Man. Preston spent several years in his early twenties sailing tallships up and down the west coast, namely the Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain. It became quickly obvious that fellow sailor Johann was a loyal friend, and the two spent many hours standing on the dock after hours, sipping whiskey and just talking. Johann is a wild card, always on the move, but a sailor at heart. He recently completed a wildnerness survival course. Currently, he's spending a month exploring Australia, and on his return, he will become the first mate on the Lady Washington.

Prach NirattisaiGroomsman. Preston was ten years old when his brother Prach, also known as Bud, was born, and at first, wasn't sure what to think of the whole thing. But as Prach started growing up, Preston realized that he enjoyed spending time with him. In high school, Preston played the saxophone, and when he would practice in the living room, five-year-old Prach would come in with a toy sax and play along. Now Prach is a magician, a talented member of the Magic Castle's Junior Society. He is also attending College of the Canyons studying film editing.

Steve DeGaetanoGroomsman. In 2003, 19-year-old Preston submitted a drawing of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion to an online forum. Steve replied, saying that he was looking for someone to help with drawings in his upcoming book, Welcome Aboard the Disneyland Railroad!. Preston agreed to do the drawings, and the two became friends. Steve introduced Preston to martinis and barbeques—at the same time! The book was published soon after, along with its sequel, From Plantation to Theme Park. Steve lives in North Carolina with his wife Alice and their children, and he works as a paralegal.

Our Families

David McAllisterFather of the Bride. Lynne's dad works as an operations engineer at NASA Dryden and is a math genius. He spent many afternoons and nights tirelessly helping Lynne grasp the basics of high school math. Though he is now in middle management at NASA, he worked his way up, beginning in the Air Force. He loves teaching (and is good at it!) and is considering taking it up after retirement. He currently lives in Tehachapi in the house that Lynne grew up in.

Kristin McAllisterMother of the Bride. Lynne's mom is a jack of all trades: she's worked as a labor and delivery coach, a kindergarten teacher, a stay-at-home mom, a personal trainer, and now, the owner of her own artist business. A rider herself, she makes custom designed motorcycle helmets with thousands of tiny crystals. She has tons of friends because she's so easy to talk to and get to know. She can handle just about anything life throws at her, using her always-positive attitude and creativity.

Bulchai NirattisaiFather of the Groom. Preston's dad is confident and adventurous, often taking his friends and employees on four-wheel drive treks and white water rafting trips. He spent the beginning of his adulthood in the Thai Army, where he earned honors in marksmanship. He is now the vice president of AIS, one of eastern Asia's top cellular service providers. He's the kind of boss that the employees want to be friends with, but whom they also respect. He currently lives in Bangkok, Thailand, with his wife Utsama.

Nattha WongladdaMother of the Groom. Preston's mom is cosmopolitan. She is a very talented cook and enjoys fine wine and singing. She is also artistic with a bit of a wild side: she likes to paint, and she very much enjoys the motorcycle rides with Lynne's mom. She works in Los Angeles at the Thai Consulate, traveling to many enviable locations and meeting very important people. She lives in Canyon Country with her husband Phisouth and son Prach.

Phisouth SithammavongStepfather of the Groom. When Preston turned 21, Phisouth took him on his first adult trip to Las Vegas. He is a laid-back kind of guy who loves gathering with family and loves cars. He's got simple taste: his ideal afternoon is relaxing at home with family, a barbeque, and a beer. He is also a very hard worker, working as both a mechanic and a deliverer for a Thai restaurant. He lives in Canyon Country with his wife Nattha and stepson Prach.

Utsama NirattisaiStepmother of the Groom. Those that know Utsama best call her “Kob“, which means frog. Utsama met Bulchai, Preston's dad, about a decade ago at a computer convention, and since then, she's had her hands full keeping him out of trouble. For work, she sells computer systems. She and Bulchai live in Bangkok, Thailand, and they also have a house outside the city. Her ideal evening is at home with Bulchai, sipping on fine wine.

Pictured background: Griffith Observatory, 2014; location of engagement portraits.